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Volunteer help in your area

Make everyday life easier by helping each other in your neighbourhood. Get volunteer help at a difficult time in your life. Or help others around you for free to make the world a better place.

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Four simple steps to solve any problem

Step 1


Post your problem on Uvvo

Describe your problem, set the highest reward you can pay and start our reverse auction. It only takes 2 minutes.

Step 2


Wait until the end of the offer period

Our reverse auction guarantees the lowest final price. Helpers will bid for the lowest reward. Before the offer phase ends, you can breathe easy and relax.

Step 3


Select an offer of help

During the offer phase, you will receive several offers of help. Then simply select an offer with the best price-performance ratio.

Step 4


Get task solved

Give the helper feedback and evaluation for the work done.

What other help can I request here, for example?

und alles was du brauchst!

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