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Post a task

What can I request?What can I request?

What can I request?

Do you have a problem, a task, a daily need, a request, a difficult situation, or do you need any kind of help?

Sample titles (clickable)
  • and all you need!
Please enter a title.
What do I write here?What do I write here?

What do I write here?

The core of the problem, i.e. what needs to be done - the clearer your description, the better the chances of success.

  • What would count as a solved problem?
  • How do you imagine the result?
  • What is expected of a helper?
  • Who provides the material?
  • What are the local conditions?

You can add a test question for the helper to answer when they make a help bid - this shows that the helper has read the description of your problem carefully and to the end.

Please enter a description.
This information is only visible to the selected helper.
You can upload up to 20 images.
Upload up to 20 images with a maximum size of 12MB.
Type of Service

In-person or remote?In-person or remote?

In-person or remote?

If you need a helper to be physically at a specific location, for example, to deliver a gift or walk your dog, then specify where.

If the problem can be solved from anywhere, then don't specify a location and your problem can be seen by all helpers worldwide.

How much should I offer?How much should I offer?

How much should I offer?

Here you can enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay.

Every potential helper has the opportunity to undercut another helper with a lower price than you have set. If you set it too low at the beginning, no one may help you.

Please enter a value for the reward.
Thanks to our reverse auction, the final reward for the helper can be less than or equal to the amount entered.
Duration of the bidding stage
What is a reverse auction?What is a reverse auction?

What is a reverse auction?

The reverse auction is a highlight of our services. With Uvvo's reverse auction you can save a lot of money on services.

Determine how long the bidding stage should run. As a rule, problems that are set with a longer duration of 7 to 10 days are solved better.

At the end of the bidding stage, you can decide on the offer with the best price-performance ratio and can then plan and discuss the further steps for the help with the helper.

You can end the bidding stage early if you think the best offer has already been received and you want to select it immediately.

You can choose a helper at the end of the bidding stage.
Instant help?Instant help?

Instant help?

If you need help urgently, choose this option. In this case, the bidding stage ends with the first bid and the helper can start helping you immediately.

The bidding stage ends with the first bid.